organized or chaotic?

One of my personal goals for 2013 is to complete the process of transforming our house into a home.  We have made lots of progress over the last couple of years by tackling one room at a time, piece by piece.  Several times I have become overwhelmed, wanting the entire house to be magazine-worthy in an instant.  I am sure that you can relate to some extent, right?  The truth is, it takes both time and money to create a home that is authentically you. The room that has been toughest for me to complete has been our guest room/office.  Since this room is really two spaces in one, I have had lots of big ideas. Even though I still do not have every detail figured out, I finally decided to take action.  I am most excited to makeover my creative workspace (the office) and so naturally, I have been thinking more and more about my ideal work environment and what it looks like.  I have been culling through tons of images on design blogs and pinterest to really hone in on the style of work spaces that inspire me.

Below are two distinctly different spaces.  However, I find both of these creative spaces exciting for totally different reasons.

A clean, white desk inspires me to create big dreams on its blank slate.  An organized desktop helps me to stay focused with all of the bare essentials at my fingertips.

via decor8 /  image by trendenser

On the other hand, this excessively long, crazy "messy" table is pretty awesome!  This image, in particular, reminds me of the excitement that ensues when I am knee deep in a creative project.  It's good stuff.

oneighty creative / photography by Adrian Ray

What about you?  What kind of space sparks your creativity?